Pub. 1 2020-2021 Issue 1


Reading Between the Trend Lines

Things have changed very quickly over the last couple of months, with one day looking better or worse than the day before. I can see the next few weeks unfolding this way: If infection rates drop, confidence in public health and an economic recovery will go up. That’s a future scenario. Presently, we’re in a situation where we’ve prepared for a three-month recession and, now that it’s extending a little longer, things are going to get harder for businesses that aren’t ready for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) to expire.


Three Firm Leaders Describe How to Survive an Economic Downturn

The last several years have seen a major boom in the architecture business, but now a period of slower growth, indicated by the Architecture Billings Index, is pointing toward an impending downturn. In preparation, three firm leaders — Tim Dufault, FAIA, president and CEO at Cuningham Group; Carole Wedge, FAIA, CEO at Shepley Bulfinch; and Ed Shriver, FAIA, founding principal of Strada — share their insights on how their firms weathered previous tough times and what they’ve learned from decades of financial ups and downs.