Pub. 1 2020-2021 Issue 2


Executive Director’s Message

Eleanor Roosevelt led an active, full, and interesting life, if not a sad one. She was immediately stricken at an early age with the loss of her mother, father, and brother to illness and depression, only to pull herself back together and have to nurse her husband, FDR, through his presidency and paralytic illness. Despite all of her obstacles, she maintained her drive and developed her voice as a feminist and anti-racist.


A Guide to Engaging with Civic Leaders

What is my role as an architect?
As an architect, you possess very specific skills and training that can be of tremendous value to the future of communities. Architects are most effective when they are involved in critical conversations at the very earliest stages, helping city officials to make smart, informed decisions that can positively affect communities and save taxpayer dollars.

Musing on Architecture from a Lay-Fran

Musing on Architecture from a Lay-Fran

Fran has been in the architectural industry since 1983. Mostly she has been a marketer, but after all that time, a lot of things rub off. All too often, she will spout architectural things to her friends and associates and then needs to go and find out more to make sure it is true. This column explores architecture issues from a layman’s point of view in the context of her little world.


Now Live: Building Resilience – An AIA Utah Podcast

AIA Utah has launched our first podcast called Building Resilience! Join the Building Enclosure Council and the Committee on the Environment (BEC | COTE) for engaging conversations about:

Building technology
Methodologies specific to this building’s region
An open conversation about how buildings can make the built and global environment better


An Invitation to Fellowship

My Fellow AIA Utah Members,
Thank you for your many years of membership in the AIA. As a member, you help our chapter through your professional activity, your member participation, your advocacy, and your interest in programs and education. It’s also great when you join in celebrating the achievements of other members of the chapter – events like our Design Awards and Fellowship programs.