Pub. 2 2021-2022 Issue 1


South Temple Walking Tour

In support of the Utah Center for Architecture’s educational mission and new ARCHtober events series, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE will be sponsoring a walking tour of South Temple architecture on the evening of Oct. 7. More details for this event and other UFCA plans throughout October are coming soon. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is an independently owned real estate brokerage and interior design firm based in Salt Lake City and a proud advocate for outstanding architecture. Visit to learn more.


Interviews with Local Legends: Elden Talbot, AIA

The Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has been meeting with some of the retired architectural legends in our community. We are archiving their personal memories of practicing architecture during the second half of the 20th Century, as well as capturing their personalities on film. Each architect we talked with had different career goals and trajectories, but there is a common theme of building practices before and during when technology took over. The design industry has evolved to become much more computer-driven, and the profession became much more sophisticated, corporate, and fiercely competitive.


A Little Tale of One City: The Salisbury Building and The Lens of Clifton Bray and The Salt Lake Telegram

How might one analyze older photographs of Utah — downtown Salt Lake City in particular — to gain some knowledge about little moments in life as they were lived in another era? Is it even possible to ascertain such a thing with any detail by examining, studying, and researching what is captured in one or two old black and white photographic images or surviving local primary sources like newspapers?

Tackling Environmental Discrimination with Dr. Robert Bullard

Tackling Environmental Discrimination with Dr. Robert Bullard

In the U.S., all communities are not created equal.
The legacies of redlining and other racist policies are still powerful forces in cities across the country.

Dr. Robert Bullard, the Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas State University, has spent his career researching and chronicling environmental injustice, penning 18 books along the way. On day two of AIA’s 2021 Conference on Architecture, he shared his perspective on how architects can address some of the most urgent environmental equity issues of our time.


AIA Empowered Living Design Competition

Utah has a serious housing challenge. Home and rental prices are at all-time highs, but inventory is at all-time lows. To rent a market-rate two-bedroom apartment, the point at which rentals become affordable is a combined income of $23.15 per hour ($48,152 per year), and the average home price is $551,100. Last year, the median home price increased 17%; available inventory dropped 11%-32% during the same period. As a result, many people in Utah do not have a path that will lead them to homeownership.



Announcing the hybrid 2021 AIA Utah Annual Conference, held September 20-24 with digital and in-person events at AIA Utah and Okland Construction in Salt Lake City. The 2021 conference theme, CONNECT, COLLABORATE, CELEBRATE, will showcase high-energy speakers, building tours, and genuine opportunities to connect with the Utah AEC community — but it won’t be the same without you! Join us!

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